Arcade Fire: The Victory Parade - Tom Doyle, Q Magazine, September 2014 



Arcade Fire have, step-by-step, become enormous, headlining Glastonbury and detecting their influence in today’s "crappy pop hits". Which leaves the band with one question: what next for Earth’s biggest indie-rock act? "We’ll probably end up going off with a 40-piece orchestra," they tell Tom Doyle.

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I recently noticed that Arcade Fire’s performance of Sprawl II on SNL in 2010 was removed from YouTube and that bummed me out because it is honestly one of my all time favorite performances of that song and holds a special place in my heart because it was the first live performance of that song I ever saw. So here, I uploaded it onto Vimeo because everyone needs to experience it. 

It also kills me everytime how into it and mesmermized she is then breaks to take a bow and Win is just beaming ear from ear all proud and amazed and jumps down to kiss her on the cheek. This fucked me up, dude.